Praise the Lord, and pour me a cold one. Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Greeley recently became the first in the region to host worship services at a brewpub.

Pastor John Knutson welcomed guests at Broken Plow Brewery with a quote from Martin Luther.

"Whoever drinks beer is quick to sleep. Whoever sleeps long does not sin. Whoever does not sin enters heaven," he told followers at the first meeting of the Thursday night pub church.

Knutson knows it isn't for everyone, but he hopes the idea will help reach a new audience.

"We live in a changing culture," he told 9 News. "If the culture changes, the church has to change as well."

Parishioners sang hymns, offered prayers, and drank a pint before Knutson delivered a sermon at the brewery. They plan to make the pub church a weekly tradition.


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