There's a new report that I have to admit surprised me more than a little bit. A major moving company has shared data that shows a lot more people are choosing to move to Wyoming than even Colorado.

This new story comes from Uhaul. You'd think they'd know a thing or two about moving. It's easy to understand how they determined who was going where. They ran the numbers on the number of people choosing to load up a Uhaul truck and move to a certain state.

Wyoming doesn't land very high on their list coming in at #27, but we're way above Colorado that ended up at #42. Our neighbors in Idaho are the 11th most popular state to end up in according to the Uhaul numbers. Lots of people must really enjoy Napoleon Dynamite more than I knew.

The top and bottom of the Uhaul list is entertaining also. Florida and Texas are the most popular moving destinations while California and Illinois are the least favorite places to move to.

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