We all Live in a very technologically advanced age.Technology has been helping people out now for many years. From Coffee pots that brew themselves to ovens and microwaves that talk to you! It seems in the day and age we live in now technology advances on a daily basis. Buy a new computer this weekend and its out dated the following weekend.

Technology is in no way shape or form limited to coffee pots, stoves or microwaves. It has come along way in the health care field and well as in law enforcement, and the Cheyenne Police department has themselves some new toys.

With money left over from last years budget and grants and a couple of other outlets at their disposal, the Cheyenne police department has put that money to use to help them better respond to crime and calls in the community. And they are pretty excited about it to say the least.  Any tool or new piece of technology or upgrade that helps them better serve the community they're all about and more than willing to use.

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