Watch the Guinness World Record being set for the worlds largest aerial firework  record, that was launched on New Year's Eve 2018.

Wyoming is home to a lot of fireworks businesses, many are open year round.  But I doubt you can purchase a monster like this in the cowboy state. Unless of course you are one of the few to possess a pyrotechnician license.

The firework was a 60 inch shell and weighed in at 2400 pounds.

We're sure the video above doesn't do the firework's explosion the same justice as witnessing it first hand, but we were wondering just how loud this explosion was and if you could feel the explosion along with hear it?

With the new world record being set, we thought you might also want to see just how much bang for the buck each of these firework shells possess.  Check out this compilation of fireworks in a variety of sizes for comparison.

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