I believe that more and more states will legalize marijuana, like our neighbor to the south. Marijuana is proving to be a major moneymaker, and not just from the sale of expensive bud. We should keep an eye on how the demon weed affects the communities there, because somewhere down the line, it will probably be legalized here in the Cowboy State.

Saturday, April 5th, about 40 sponsors put on the NoC Hemp Show in Windsor, Colorado, and it was sold out. They had a specialty hemp food and drink menu including Good Seed Hemp Burgers, hemp green chili, hemp lasagna, hemp based salads, and Hemp Iscream. Specialty beverages included Hapi Hemp Spring Ale and ZebraVodka/CannaEnergy.

Once something has been introduced to the mainstream, it will be almost impossible to get out. But then again, lots of people did it anyway prior to legalization. The most notable difference was people going to jail for it.

I favor the legalization of pot because:

  1. It keeps large amounts of cash out the hands of criminals south of the border and financing their enterprises.
  2. They bribe/force/intimidate/execute citizens and corrupt governments for and with this cash.
  3. Prohibition did not work here, why would herb be different?
  4. I believe God gave us what we need for healing, and if marijuana can be used to help people, then let's let the afflicted decide it they will use it or not.
  5. We are manufacturing criminals with current laws.
  6. I am for smaller government, and people having the freedom to make their own choices.

Those are a few of my reasons. If you are for the legalization of marijuana in Wyoming, why? If you are against, why not?

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