With Election Day right around the corner, we could see many women in Wyoming taking office. In Cheyenne, we will have the cities first female mayor after votes are cast Nov. 8

Here are 6 notable women who have been involved in Wyoming politics. Some you may have heard of and others may be new to you. Nonetheless, they made an impact in our state.

  1. Liz Byrd – She was the first black woman to serve in the Wyoming Legislature.
  2. Thrya Thomson – She served as Wyoming’s Secretary of State from 1963 – 1987.
  3. Nellie Tayloe Ross – She was the first woman to be governor, not only in Wyoming, but in America.
  4. Mary Godat Bellamy – Known as “Mollie” to her friends, Bellamy served two years in as a Wyoming Representative in 1910 and again in 1918.
  5. Estelle Reel – She was the first woman, in Wyoming, to be elected to Wyoming’s Superintendent of Public Instruction in 1894.
  6. Verda James – She was the first woman to serve a full-term woman speaker in the Wyoming House of Representatives during the 1969-70 session.

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