Woof. What a long week of football. I mean, I’m not complaining. But, the NFL seemed to have the absolute longest week of football and it isn’t over yet! We have not one, but two games this evening to tide us over until Thursday. I honestly can’t wait for the MAC conference to make their way back to playing so we get Wednesday games again.  

Speaking of two Monday Night games tonight, the Patriots are without starting QB Cam Newton. I’m not going to say it’s good news that he’s sick, I feel for him and anyone that’s had to deal with Covid:19, but that does make the battle against the Patriots Sunday a less steep hill to climb. With protocols, we do know he wont be activated. The Broncos will also have 10 days to prepare in comparison to New England’s shorter turn around.  

Drew Lock looks to be 50/50 right now on whether or not he’ll get to play Sunday. If he doesn’t get the nod to go, just be patient, he is the franchise right now, so we may want to wrap him in bubble wrap. 

19 Days. That’s all we have to wait for the Wyoming Cowboys to ride into Nevada and bring back a win! In August, we absolutely didn’t think this was possible in 2020, but we’ll take it! 

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