Have you seen this summer's Old Fashioned Melodrama at the Atlas Theatre yet?

You better hurry, there are only four performances left of the Cheyenne Little Theatre's annual production beginning at 7 p.m. on Thursday, July 31, through Sunday, August 3, in downtown Cheyenne.

We saw this year's show last weekend and had a blast! It was written by local authors and actors Brooks Reeves and Rory Mack and includes lots of local references and fun alliteration. My Niece and her husband, Shannon Skelcher and Justin Earnshaw, play the villain and villainess in one of the three casts and did a wonderful job as did our friend Cathie Chadwick. I even got on stage for a bit as one of the jurors.

As always at the summer melodrama, it was a very interactive show with a wide variety of Olio Acts between the scenes showing off lots of local talent.

Mike Rorabeck/Townsquare Media

I had the opportunity to perform in several Old Fashioned Melodramas over the years, playing the hero, the old man and the villain.

My family and I were part of some Cheyenne Frontier Days parades riding on floats and one year dressed as the evil villain, I was pushing my young daughter in her stroller as my frantic wife followed yelling, 'save my baby.'

My villain mentor, Bill White, was always one of the best in the summer melodramas. He formed his own acting troupe called 'The Crippled Alligator Street Theatre' or CAST and we took a show on the road at locations around Cheyenne.

If you have the chance to participate in the Old Fashioned Melodrama, take it...you won't regret it, it's a lot of fun. My daughter is helping out at this year's show as a waitress, stop by this weekend and boo for the villain, cheer for the hero and sigh for the heroine while you still can.