With school resuming in Cheyenne and around the state, we thought it would be a good time to ask a question about education.

So, should American schools teach mandatory cursive writing courses in the 21st century?

Supporters typically argue that it's important to learn cursive writing so that students can read historic documents and learn how to sign their name. Some also argue that it teaches fine motor skills, which are important.

Opponents often argue that those who will study historic documents can take a cursive class as an elective and that learning to sign a name is a skill that is easily developed without months or years of study.

Many also say that cursive handwriting is a skill that has relatively little application in the modern world and that schools have relatively little classroom time available and need to focus on other, more relevant skills. So what do you think?

Since next Monday is Labor Day, we'll publish our poll results on Tuesday, September 3.

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