I'm not mad... I'm disappointed.

As "grown up" as that statement sounds, I do feel like it's fitting. As a kid, I knew I would make my parents mad with some of my choices, but I never wanted them to be disappointed in me. That was worse. So when I say I'm disappointed in this delivery driver's work... I mean it.

Let mw start by saying that I don't order a lot off of Amazon or online in general. To me, it comes with a lot of waiting (even with next-day delivery) and you may not get what you expected. I so prefer to hop in my car, jam out to some tunes, drive to the store, and walk out with exactly what I needed. I can even grab a cup of coffee on the way if I want.

Go ahead, call me old-fashioned. I'm cool with it. I'm a big fan of the drink too.

Another reason I don't like ordering online is that you could end up with a damaged product. Sometimes things get tossed around or smashed in transit, or in this case thrown across the yard.

To the deliver driver to slung my order across the yard:

Maybe you were in a hurry. Perhaps you were looking for a way to make your job more enjoyable. From what I saw, it looked like you were trying to swat at one of my shrubs. It could have been a bug. I can only imagine how many critters you have to deal with on your route.

I know, it wasn't intentional and you probably didn't even realize what the consequences would be. I know this because of your reaction when my webcam tore through the mailer and went sailing across the yard. You were quick to retrieve it.

You didn't mean to.

And luckily, it didn't break. However, you can't do this. For one, people work hard for their money and when they order something they expect it to show up in one whole, unbroken piece. Also, shouldn't these packages be treated with care? I get that the job can be tiresome, boring, hot... but I don't see why you needed to swing my package around like that. You don't know what was in that package, or any of them, for that matter.

Again, I'm not mad. I'm disappointed.

And, to be frank, the next person may not be so nice about it.

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