Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place. A white SUV found itself nearly trapped on a bridge as a herd of bison were stampeding directly at them.

The driver in the SUV was sent the video by an onlooker. Their vehicle was in the middle of a bridge spanning the Yellowstone River. Here's what they had to say:

We were in the white SUV reversing. Thank you to the lady who stopped us and sent us the video.

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That wasn't even really a full-on stampede. While the herd was running, it could have been much more urgent.

I've tried to put myself in the seat of that driver in the middle of the bridge to see if I would have done anything different. My first instinct would have been to just freeze and allow the bison to hopefully run around me. But, you have to factor into your thinking that you're on a bridge and if the herd doesn't veer to the right or left, you're in even bigger trouble.

All's well that ends well as the driver kept his cool and calmly got out of the bison's way while the herd went to the side of the SUV.

A close Yellowstone call indeed. Wow.

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