The internet has been going crazy since someone created an event to storm area 51 on September 20th of this year. I just have to start by saying that I think this is an absolutely horrible idea and we collectively should not follow through with it.

With that being said, I do find all of the memes downright hilarious. If you do actually feel the need to storm area 51, let me point out the obvious. IT'S A BAD IDEA! However, there is a much safer option right here in the cowboy state that I can promise you no one will be shot/detained/arrested/threatened or anything remotely like that for poking around. It's located in Green River Wyoming.

It's called the Greater Green River Intergalactic Space Port. It's simply a 5,000 square foot plot of land that the community leaders of Green River in the '90s declared that this would be the place for our extraterrestrial friends to land if they needed to.

Unfortunately, we've had no such luck with any spacecraft making an appearance here. Or maybe this could be the real area 51. It could be all underground and a better-kept secret than area 51 in Nevada. All I know about it is that it's constantly being recorded on CCTV and it's locked up with a sign that says the land is being recorded and you are not permitted to enter.

Seems like less security than the real area 51 and your success rate of storming the Greater Green River Intergalactic Space Port is way higher. An added benefit, you won't be shot. (Hopefully.) Let us all agree that storming any government facility is a bad idea and not worth your time or your life.

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