***SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen this week's episode DO NOT continue reading****

Hi, my name is Jerrad and ever since 'Breaking Bad' ended, I'm addicted the AMC's 'The Walking Dead.'

This Sunday night we may have seen the end for one of our favorite characters. OKAY, LAST SPOILER ALERT WARNING, SERIOUSLY...

The character that we would be all mourning this week is Glenn, who appeared to die after being eaten by a herd of walkers (Thanks to that moron Nicholas who was always screwing everything up.)

It certainly appeared at first glance that Glenn is dead, although the theory is maybe they were just messing with us.

In the shot, Nicholas fell on top of Glenn. And although it looked like Glenn's intestines were being devoured in a gruesome display,  we're not 100% sure that it was Glenn's guts.

Was it Nicholas on top of Glenn and maybe, just maybe, Glenn has escaped under the nearby dumpster?

Or, will 'The Walking Dead' break our hearts again a la Hershel's decapitation?

Both, #TheWalkingDead and #Glenn were trending all night, even ahead of Sunday Night Football, which is great news for AMC and 'The Walking Dead' producers. Not that ratings were a big concern in the first place.

PS - Don't forget, next week is a 90 minute episode... so if you DVR it, make sure to adjust!