Well it is about that time. It is time for us to pack up the ol' family truckster and hit the road for some relaxation. It is camping season, and thanks to the pandemic, my family has yet to be on one camping trip this year. That is all going to change this weekend, as we got the tent and the sleeping bags loaded. All we need to do is stop and get all the ingredients for s'mores.

One of the hardest parts about going camping is trying to be prepared for everything. There are a ton of "what if's" that go through your head as your packing up for the trip. What if it rains? What if it gets too cold? What if bears break into camp and eat all of our food? What if dad snores too loud? These are all things you need to be ready for, but dont necessarily need to pack your whole house just for a weekend out. I have been on camping trips where we have packed everything but the fridge for one weekend camping. I have also been on trips where I was as minimalist as possible. The trips with less crap to pack  always seemed to be the most rewarding.

Instead of packing the whole house, just keep in mind some of the following camping hacks. These allow you to stay safe, dry and happy for the trip without trying to find an "electricity bush" for you 60 inch flat screen.

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