You don’t see his wings, but I am convinced they are there. Brian “Alf” Grzegorczyk (2nd from left) has received the 2017 Brown-Forman Retailer of the Year Award. His work with the Thankful Thursday project has raised well over a million dollars for Laramie County charities that would otherwise go underfunded.

Not many can say their city is better off for his presence, but Alf can (though he won’t, he’s modest.)

One great thing about Thankful Thursday fundraising is that those who support it, can win hundreds of dollars and great prizes. And when the next installment begins in the Fall, the hundreds will go up to thousands.

In the group photo, Alf received another award, when the Wyoming Association of Broadcasters honored Thankful Thursday with the “Best Public Service” Award.

In this photo, Alf proves he will do anything to support his charities, like wearing a bikini for a donation.

Photo Courtesy of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing-Platte Rivers Facebook page.


Alf started Thankful Thursdays 6 years ago with our own “Rodeo Rick” Darcy and held the events at his Redwood Lounge, until he sold that and we moved to Amvets Post 10 on East Lincolnway. Alf currently owns Alf’s Pub and Package Liquor on East 19th Street.

Support those who support our community! And thanks a million (or more) Alf!

The Wyoming Tribune Eagle found out why his nickname is Alf. When Brian Grzegorczyk arrived at Warren Air Force Base, no one could pronounce his name, so they called him Alphabet. That was shortened of course.