That awkward moment where you're out in nature and you see a swimming hole that you can jump in and cool off during the warm Wyoming summer. You work on your best cannonball, and splash! 10 points, for sure.

But, then, you also notice...BEARS!

Some people on social media found a group of bears swimming in the same pond they were in. It's almost like it was a meeting that these bears were having. There were several soaking in the cool pond water. That would be a little discouraging if you were looking for a nice place to cool off.

It's like, nope, these bears have taken over this pond, it's in their jurisdiction, I'm just going to search for the next body of water. They own it now. Bye.

Here' check out their video for yourself.



Also, the "Tell me you live in Wyoming without telling me" title is perfect for this video.

That would be a little intimidating to walk on a bunch of bathing bears. The video they shot though, was really cool. It's actually kind of funny, ya know in the sense that we're looking at it on social media and not within feet of the bears.

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This does make me ready for some warmer weather, though. I mean, sure, it's January, but we can just go ahead and dream of weather warm enough to encounter swimming bears. Also, the bears are hibernating now, so maybe they have it right, sleeping through January would be great.

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