Seems we only hear bad and troublesome news about Grizzly Bear 863 (also known as "Felicia") from Togwotee Pass in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. She's a very playful attentive mother!

Over the past couple months, Felicia and her cubs have been a major subject of news reports and discussion. If you recall, the conversation with US Fish & Wildlife Services was whether or not Felicia would have to be euthanized due to her human interaction. Felicia knows that being close to humans will protect her cubs, because adult male bears won't usually get close to locations where humans are present.  USFWS determined that hazing practices would be put in place to hopefully drive the bear and her bear family away from roadside interactions with humans. USFWS largely attributed the hazing operation to human disturbance.

“If humans stop only in legal highway pullouts, and remain in vehicles, hazing would not be necessary. However, when humans stop, exit vehicles, and approach bears on foot, the risk increases that grizzly bears, especially sows with cubs, will charge humans. This poses a significant threat to human life.”

As of late last month, it seems the hazing of Felicia has been working and hopefully the bear family is off enjoying life!

To show a different "non problem causing" side to Felicia, here is a video taken in early June that shows Felicia's cubs playing in a summer patch of snow. A few minutes into the video Felicia shows up and begins to show how much of a great mother she is by playing with her cubs.

If you decide to head out and visit Northwest Wyoming at some point this summer, keep an eye out for Felicia and stay away if you see her.

Since "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" is going away, what about a new series E!, "Keeping Up With Felicia...#863". Sounds like it may be just as dramatic with MUCH better scenery!

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