For now we'll have to create our own perfectly paired meals.

Is there anything quite like an ice cold, refreshing Pepsi? There's just something about a sweet, carbonated beverage that cools you off better on a hot day. My favorite flavor happens to be the cherry Pepsi. In my mind, if perfect for washing down a juicy cheeseburger and steamy fries.

Well now some lucky people across the country are having that delivered right to their door.

Pepsi recently launched their own pop-up delivery restaurant called Pep's Place. It's a food and beverage delivery service that will help you pair your selected Pepsi product with the best entrée, side and dessert. Of course, you can choose any pairing you want, but they will help you curate the meal if you want as well.

For instance, my cherry Pepsi pairs best with BBQ spare ribs, mac n cheese, and a chocolate brownie. Not a bad meal, if I do say so myself. I mean, it's not my beloved cheeseburger, but those ribs do look good.

Once you choose your meal, you can have it delivered to you. The website has delivery options, but it appears you can also order through other food delivery services like Door Dash and GrubHub. The catch is, pop-up restaurants are only in select cities and states. While we don't have any locations in Wyoming currently, there are a few spots in Colorado. Maybe you can try it out the next time you're in the Denver area.

Perhaps if this takes off we'll see another spot pop-up (no pun intended) closer to us.

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