It's that time of the year, the cold air has made its way to the Cowboy State and it's maybe a month into chili season! The crew at Pine Bluffs Distilling is set to celebrate chili season with a chili cookoff this weekend. The best part, the chili cookoff will benefit Laramie County Bar Bucks, which will help purchase holiday meals for Laramie County families in need.

This is pretty much great all around. They also will have raffles set up, silent auctions, and card games to help raise even more money. What I found interesting is the price breakdowns that you can find on their Facebook event.


To enter a chili, it's 10 bucks, to get tickets for chili tasting, it's 15 bucks. Here's the kicker, you can add all you can drink beer for 20 bucks, and all you can drink cocktails for 25 bucks. Granted, this lasts for about 4 and a half hours, that's a great deal on drinks. Especially if you get a really spicy chili, that bear will come in handy. And why wouldn't you want cocktails from a distiller? That sounds like an amazing deal.

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The event overall is really cool and it's awesome to see someone step up to help local families have a nice holiday meal that they may otherwise not have. Laramie County Bar Bucks is an awesome effort by several businesses in Laramie County and they raise a ton of money for local families. So it's great to see these businesses all pitching in on events just like this one.

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