Congratulations to Ariane Jimison for winning the second annual Woman Entrepreneur Award from the Wyoming Council For Women, according to Wyoming Public Media.

Ariane owns Pizza Carrello in Gillette. It started as a food truck in 2011, by 2016 she opened an actual shop that wasn't on wheels. The pizza is made in a wood-fired oven; the dough is made fresh daily, along with the pizza sauce. Ariane does not do this alone, she is assisted by Rachel and Herb Kalenberg, along with with the rest of the amazing staff.

The award is given to women who are business owners, that not only have a successful business but also contribute and give back to their community.

The Chair of the Wyoming Council for Women, Jennifer Wimetti sat down with Wyoming Public Media and had this to say, "She really has the spirit of the award. She started out with a food truck and then built it up to a restaurant. And it's a restaurant that's well-loved in the community. And she has done a lot of community service,"

After winning the award, Ariane also chatted with the Wyoming Public Media and this is how she feels about the award, "this is really awesome because it means that people have noticed we are trying to do something really special in our restaurant. We've gotten a couple of awards in the past year there's not a better word than I can think of than validating."

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