You keep telling yourself that you want to take out those old nasty shrubs in your yard and replace them with new ones. The Cheyenne Home and Garden Show will help!  Some people waste a lot of money when they don't consider what they should be doing to prepare their yard or in selecting the correct tree or shrub that will thrive in the Laramie County region.

Here are some things to investigate before you buy up all the cool plants and shrubs to plant in your garden. You just might be surprised that you're not doing it right.

  • Decide what role you want the tree to play in your yard. For instance, its it going to be a shade tree, fruit tree or a decorative tree?
  • Make sure you do a "soil test" by digging the hole and then adding water to see how long it takes the water to soak into the ground. If there is a lot of clay in your soil, then you may not need to water as much. If the water sucks right into the ground, then you know you'll need to water more often.

If you have any additional questions about planting and what kind of plants, trees and shrubs will thrive in our region, head on out to the Cheyenne Home and Garden Show April 1 - 3 at the Cheyenne Ice and Events Center and ask an expert.

You can pick up some really good hearty trees and shrubs that will thrive in our area there too.

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