There are some 28 places to play Disc Golf in Wyoming, thanks to a guy who has never been here.

Starting with two USC grads who didn’t like their jobs, they started making slingshots in their garage that were made of ash and were good enough to encourage competitive shooting and small game hunting. They named their company Wham-O, after the sound of the shot hitting a target.

60 years ago today, January 23rd of 1957 they acquired the rights to a flying plastic saucer, The Pluto Platter Putt Putt, from Fred Morrison and started producing the first flying discs known as Frisbees.

On the success of the Frisbee, Wham-O released the Hula Hoop, the Slip ‘N Slide, The Super Ball, Trac Ball, Silly String, Hacky Sack and Boogie Board. Over the years they have been bought and sold, and bought and sold companies themselves.

Today, we can play Disc Golf with a casual or serious 175 Gram sport approach, thanks to Fred Morrison.

A good place to start in Cheyenne is City Of Cheyenne or F.E. Warren AFB DGC. In Casper, start with Facebook, Visit Casper and PDGA.

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