There is definitely a lot of the things going on wrong in the world everyday, but it's always nice to see some random acts of kindness.

Erica Long shared a cute, little story about losing a frisbee. Apparently, some children in her neighborhood found it and returned it, along with the most adorable, handwritten note. Erica posted a photo of the note to her Facebook page along with a caption that read:

We lost our frisbee and it was returned to our backyard with this note. So we got the neighbor kids a new frisbee to keep💗💗 #allisnotlostintheworld

Borrowed Frisbee Message
Erica Long via Facebook
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Even with the grammar and spelling mistakes (which in my opinion make the note that much cuter), you can almost feel the sincerity in the child's words. In an era of "finders keepers"' it shows that parents in the Casper area are still instilling Cowboy State values in their youth.

One Good Samaritan act deserves another, so big props to Erica for paying it forward by purchasing the kids a new frisbee of their own. It truly is the little things that can make all the difference.

This is the second random act of kindness that I've seen make its way to social media locally. Just a few days ago, a gentlemen was photographed helping an elderly gentleman cross the street downtown. There may be hope for the next generation yet!

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