There may be hope for humanity yet. A new video shows a sweet elderly lady who stopped in the middle of a rain storm to give a biker her rain jacket.

See if you don't agree that this is the kind of Good Samaritan moment we need more of. Based on the video description, I'm pretty certain this happened recently in Florida.

The witness described the incident like this:

I was at a stop light in the pouring rain and saw a guy on a motorcycle in front of me. Next thing I knew, a sweet lady got out of her car and handed him a rain jacket.

Wonder how shocked that biker was when he realized what she was doing? Such a small gesture, but such a big impact.

Believe it or not, there are more moments like this out there if you look hard enough. A few months ago there was a tragic accident in Arizona where a 24-year-old was killed in a tragic accident. Authorities learned that a passerby stopped to comfort the young man during his final moments. A TV station in that area documented the moment where that young guy's father met the man who held his son after the accident.

These glimpses at human goodness are a reminder that we need to keep the faith in these difficult times. We can overcome.

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