I'm sure we all do, aside from the bees. If you have trees around your home, I'm sure you're also thinking, yuck, this stuff is everywhere. The thick, yellow dust that has piled up on streets, sidewalks, and your car. If you're an allergy sufferer like I am, you're also making sure you take your allergy meds first thing in the morning. How do we get rid of it and when will it leave?

I figured I'd look into when we should look at this pollen getting washed away. I knew I had to get a reliable source on this so I asked Don Day when this stuff will be gone. Unfortunately, Don doesn't think we'll get enough of the wet stuff to relieve my burning eyes and stuffy nose. We're do for a chance of storms today, but it wouldn't be enough to rinse the trees of the yucky pollen.

What's interesting with all this pollen, is, it's mostly tree pollen. You can see that it's "high" for the next three days according to the Weather Channel's website. But, we kind of already gathered that by Don Day letting us know that there isn't really any relief on the way. There isn't really any ragweed or grass pollen, so we at least have that going for us.

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Do you remember seeing this video a few years ago of the tree exploding with pollen? I feel like that's every tree now in Cheyenne.

This one is even crazier.

Pro tip, you'll probably want to keep washing your vehicle so that stuff doesn't stain your ride. Luckily, in Cheyenne, we're in no shortage of car washes.


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