Singer, songwriter, performer Leon Russell has passed away. According to his Facebook page “Musician Leon Russell has died in Nashville at the age of 74. His wife said he died in his sleep.”

Leon leaves a great legacy that deserves exploration if you are not familiar with his music.


Some of you may have caught Leon back in the day when he scrambled out of Cheyenne in the nick of time.


From Rolling Stone, he was on the road with Jerry Lee Lewis:

“I remember Jerry Lee in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The band was really playing and he was standing up on the piano bench singing and watching 75 people fight in the audience, just chasing around and running all over the audience. Pretty soon they all advanced on the stage, when they got tired of fighting with each other, and the curtains were pulled and we made a mad scramble out to the cars and packed up as many instruments as we could and got out of town.”

Explore SOME of the music of Leon Russell.




Leon wrote this, Karen Carpenter nailed it!


I love his keyboards backing Joe Cocker on The Letter. He was musical director on this tour.