Fingers crossed for clear skies on October 31.

I don't know about you, but I'm putting a lot of stock into this Halloween. After the year we've had, it's about time we had something to look forward to. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years better be on point in 2020.

So far, it's looking like that will be the case. Although I have no idea where we will be with this COVID mess, I am happy that these holidays are at least falling on the right days. Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, but the others are all on Saturdays this year.

And to make Halloween more spooky, there will be a rare Blue Moon in the sky.

You've probably heard the phrase, "once in a Blue Moon." Well, that comes from the fact that Blue moons are super rare since they are the second full moon that occurs in a month. Typically months only have one full moon. The Farmers' Almanac says there will be a full moon on both Thursday, October 1, and Saturday, October 31.

The big question is, how rare is it for a Blue Moon to fall on Halloween? According to the Famers' Almanac, a full moon on Halloween, blue or not, only happens every 18 or 19 years. Since a Blue Moon is the second full moon of the month, I would say it's even rarer for Halloween to line up on the same day as a full moon.

Maybe if the sky is clear enough we'll be able to Trick-or-Treat by the light of the moon.

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