Wyoming congresswoman Liz Cheney says people who want to leave the federal Affordable Care Act in place or fine-tune it with some minor reforms don't understand how bad things have gotten.

"The reality is, the system is collapsing. The insurance markets are collapsing." She says if something isn't done the ACA potentially could collapse the entire American health care system."

Cheney says congress can't let that happen. She says Republican efforts to repeal and replace the ACA are moving along quickly but responsibly.

The congresswoman says Republicans in congress are working on several aspects of a new health care bill, which she says will include expanded opportunities for health care savings accounts and refundable, advanceable tax credits.

She says they are also looking at ways of retaining some of the better parts of the ACA, including making sure people with pre-existing conditions can still get coverage and that adult children can stay on their parents insurance through age 26.

But she says the goal is to put in place a system that works and one that doesn't feature the federal government telling people what type of health insurance they have to buy.

Cheney made the remarks in a speech Friday to the Wyoming Senate.

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