After a long run as a theatrical franchise — and, of course, as a video game before that — Resident Evil is mutating into a television show. The iconic horror series from Capcom is headed to Netflix later this summer.

The show takes the basic concepts from the games — the evil Umbrella Corporation, a deadly “T-virus,” lots and lots of flesh-eating zombies, weird mutated monster creatures — and introduces some new wrinkles to the formula. The new trailer for the show is bleak and dark, and even a little Evil Dead-y with some chainsaw versus zombie action. Plus, you get the great Lance Reddick playing Resident Evil mainstay Albert Wesker. Take a look below:

Thinking the world will still be here at all in 2036? Is this supposed to be dystopian or extremely optimistic?

Here is the series’ official synopsis:

Year 2036 – 14 years after the spread of Joy caused so much pain, Jade Wesker fights for survival in a world overrun by the blood-thirsty infected and mind-shattering creatures. In this absolute carnage, Jade is haunted by her past in New Raccoon City, by her father’s chilling connections to the sinister Umbrella Corporation but mostly by what happened to her sister, Billie.

Do people even want more Resident Evil outside of the video games? Do they care that it’s not exactly like the games? Will people just wonder where Alice is? I guess we’ll see when Resident Evil premieres on Netflix on July 14. The first season of the show is eight episodes long.

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