This summer, Netflix introduces a totally new vision of Resident Evil, this one a TV show with a continuity and storyline totally distinct from the video games and the earlier film series, but with plenty of the requisite zombies and monsters.

The first trailer for the series reveals that it is set in two time periods: The present, where scientists are performing the sorts of experiments that inevitably lead to zombie apocalypses, and the year 2036 where said zombie apocalypse is already in full swing. Take a look below:

If you watch the trailer closely, you’ll see a URL for a website: Go there and you’ll find a, ahem, viral marketing site for the series dedicated to Resident Evil’s evil corporation Umbrella, along with their new product, which is called “Joy.”


Click around further and you’ll find that Joy is their “newest product” and was created “in the heart of New Raccoon City, South Africa. Voted 2021’s Best Place to Live! In the World! Once an old factory town, the Umbrella Corporation transformed this city into a place where the air’s a little cleaner and the sun’s a little brighter—where people can be their happiest, healthiest selves. And we’ll do just the same for you, with Joy™! Coming soon!”

Well, that doesn’t sound ominous at all! Linger on the site long enough and you’ll see a second trailer for the show, which features a bunch more action along with glimpses of some very Resident Evil-looking monsters:

Here is the Resident Evil series’ official synopsis:

Year 2036 – 14 years after Joy caused so much pain, Jade Wesker fights for survival in a world overrun by the blood-thirsty infected and mind-shattering creatures. In this absolute carnage, Jade is haunted by her past in New Raccoon City, by her father’s chilling connections to the sinister Umbrella Corporation but mostly by what happened to her sister, Billie.

Resident Evil premieres on Netflix on July 14. The first season consists of eight episodes.

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