Calling all pit masters, grilling fanatics, and BBQ fans, this dream job has your name all over it! Everyone's favorite aluminum foil brand, Reynolds Wrap, is looking for someone to travel the country, eat delicious ribs, and blog about it!

According to UPIthe "Chief Grilling Officer" will receive $10,000, plus pre-paid travel and lodging costs, to travel the country for two weeks in August while "tasting and savoring BBQ ribs from some of the top BBQ rib cities in the country."

You'll need to document all of the great BBQ spots you travel to and maybe even add your own tips on how to make it even better, and you get to bring a friend with you! All you gotta do to apply is to composed of a photo of you grilling and write a 100-word essay on why you would be the right candidate for the gig! Applications are being accepted through next Wednesday. (6/19)

Source: UPI

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