For a band to stay together for even just 10 years and not have a single lineup change is almost unthinkable. We're talking not one member swap ever — not just since a band released their first album. Still, despite the improbability, we've rounded up 17 bands who have stuck it out together.

Doing our best to maintain a semblance of sanity, you won't find any brand new bands here — that'd just be kind of pointless. The most newly-minted ones in this list formed in 2004 and, bringing us back to the notion of things that are pointless, one-person bands are not eligible for inclusion.

Now, there are some exceptions to what you may perceive to be a rigid rule. Live members who are not part of the official recording lineup do not make a band ineligible — they are part of the music's execution onstage but, ultimately, are not the ones creating that music. We've also made an exception for one band due to medical issues that forced a hiatus on a performing basis, though he is still a full-time member of the group.

Got it? Good! Now you're ready to pour through these 17 Bands Who Have Never Had a Lineup Change in the gallery below.

17 Rock + Metal Bands Who Have Never Had a Lineup Change

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