Can’t you stop making that damn racket?! Turn it down! Turn it off! You call that music? I’ll call the cops.

Here in the least populous state of the union, it can be hard for bands to learn how pros handle recording and performance issues. Harder still is learning simple tricks that allow performers to pull off professional results on a low, low budget. Enter Foo Fighters.

The Foo Fighters are out to help aspiring bands and artists with the addition of a section of their website that helps sound treatment and soundproofing. There are lots of expensive ways to keep sound in the garage or basement but the Foo Fighters are offering up savvy and budget gentle ways of working with sound. They even offer a downloadable PDF.

Pouring sand into concrete block walls or putting carpet or even mattresses up against a garage door can make the difference of working out your songs or having the police knocking on your door to shut you down.

For those who make the music, this is valuable information and it’s free. That’s the Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl for you. He’s the same guy who is using his stardom for good and not evil. Dave just wrote a letter in support of an English band that has been virtually shut down by the Cornwall, England city noise restrictions. Seems bands there can’t play any louder than a dishwasher and Dave is doing what he can for them, since he also started off in a garage.

Rock on Dave.

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