Thanks to the classic idiom, everyone knows that sex and drugs pair well with rock 'n’ roll. Now we may have to add another indulgence to that list: shoes.

Rockers creating apparel is nothing new. One only needs to stop by a merchandise tent at any concert to see the array of T-shirts, jackets and other clothing items available for sale. Still, artists collaborating with shoemakers is a relatively modern occurrence.

The trend's popularity has seen a real boom since the turn of the millennium, with many of rocks biggest acts -- including Metallica, Queen, Black Sabbath and the Beatles -- giving their blessing to shoe-based immortalization. Eddie Van Halen has several styles, including a high-top shoe celebrating the 40th anniversary of Van Halen’s groundbreaking debut album. Clearly, music inspired sneakers have found their audience.

Leading the charge has been two major footwear manufacturers: Converse, known for their classic All-Star high-tops, and Vans, the skateboard and lifestyle company based out of Southern California. While these entities have dominated the band-shoe marketplace, powerhouses like Nike and Adidas have also gotten into the game, along with smaller boutique footwear manufacturers.

In some cases, the band-inspired sneakers honor a classic album or event; in others, the footwear looks to capitalize on a signature fashion style associated with the artist. Whatever the inspiration, walk this way as we highlight some of rock's biggest shoe collaborations.

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