Flip-Flops are one of the oldest shoes in existence, but not much has been done to improve their design in thousands of years. Two Jackson Hole inventors, Tom Fay and Jamie Mackay, felt it was time for a change. This is their creation: Foot Flops.

Based in Wyoming, Foot Flops™ are the first, heat-molded, orthotic and arch-supporting flip flops on the market. That's right, you toss them in the oven for 5 minutes (between 200 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit) then put them on your feet. Our proprietary foot bed will custom mold to your exact foot profile in 15 minutes or less! No painful break-in. No more unsupportive sandals. Just a perfect fit that's ultra comfy - it's good for your whole body! Plus we've designed everything with absolute quality, from the sole to the straps, Foot Flops™ are built for any adventure. Foot Flops™ are for men and women and are available in a bunch of super cool colors.

Jamie and Tom launched their Kickstarter campaign last week and are already fully funded with their goal of $40,000. They've already raised over $45,000 and there is still over 30 days left in their campaign!

In addition to the actual Foot Flops, the two Wyomingnites also started a non-profit organization entitled Walk Tall Foundation which will donate a pair of Foot Flops for every pair purchased.

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