A parent at Northpark Elementary School in Rock Springs is defending her daughter's first-grade teacher Cole Seaver, who was arrested for public intoxication at the school on Friday.

"He possibly made a very poor choice Friday and now is facing losing his way of life," Brandi Chubb wrote to Sweetwater NOW. "He is a talented, kind, wonderful teacher, who many request for their kids to have every year, including fellow staff members."

"We want a safe environment for our children at school, above all else, and we are praying, if in any way he can overcome this situation, guilty or not, and keep his profession and talent alive while ensuring the safety of our kiddos, then PLEASE let it be," she continued.

Chubb was one of many Northpark parents who expressed support for Seaver. Several suggested that the embattled teacher should be allowed to keep his job after completing an alcohol rehabilitation program.

Some other parents and community members are calling for the school district to fire Seaver if he is found guilty.

"Did he drive to school drunk?" Dayna Cox McCraken wondered. "With kids walking on the sidewalks and other people in crosswalks and buses in (the) lot? What if he would’ve hit a child on the street? The charges would’ve been bigger than termination of his job."

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