Rolling Stone Magazine, arguably the most popular and celebrated music publication of all-time, released an article that speaks volumes to the talent of the legendary musician and rodeo star, Chris LeDoux. This comes just before the late LeDoux is to have the 125th Cheyenne Frontier Days dedicated to him, along with a new bronze statue that will be unveiled today (July 23rd) at Frontier Park.

In the Rolling Stone article, which is titled, "How Chris LeDoux, 'The Bon Jovi of Cowboys', Mixed Country, Rock, and Radio", several artists gave their recollection of what it was like to work with the late Wyoming icon. First and foremost, the article mentions how Garth Brooks put in the lyrics of his debut single, 'Much Too Young', the line, "a worn-out tape of Chris LeDoux.' Brooks performs tonight, and will no doubt have plenty to say about Mr. LeDoux throughout the night.

Mark Sissel, the guitarist of Chris LeDoux's backing band, Western Underground, is the one who give LeDoux a unique title when he says, "He was like the Bon Jovi of the cowboys." This, eluding to the fact that Bon Jovi is known for being one of the coolest guys of all-time in the world of rock. LeDoux had performed a cover of Bon Jovi's 'Bang a Drum' with Jon Bon Jovi, himself. The cover was on LeDoux's 1998 album, 'One Man Road'. Jon Bon Jovi had nothing but the utmost praise for LeDoux, as he told Rolling Stone:

He didn’t have a lot of commercial success, but he was one of the cool cats, which, you know, as a writer, that’s probably the best feeling you get … a voice that people really love digging what you’re doing.

Although LeDoux's songwriting techniques were often viewed as unconventional, Sissel says that LeDoux was great at 'getting the picture across to people.' Sissel recalled a quote that LeDoux had said to him during a writing session when he was trying to describe the music he wanted to go along with the lyrics. LeDoux had said:

You know when the skies are all kind of purply at sunset and the sand’s blowin’ through the windmill and the flies buzzin’ around and lands on your lip? You know what that sounds like?

Just reading that quote from the legendary musician could give any Wyomingite chills.

It was 50 years ago when Chris LeDoux's debut album, 'Songs of Rodeo Life', was released. Last month, 'Wyoming Cowboy - A Collection' was released on vinyl and digital. The LeDoux tracks on the album were assembled by Sissel and includes several of LeDoux's classics.

And who better to capture the essence of everything about Chris LeDoux and his relationship with Cheyenne than LeDoux's son, Ned LeDoux, who will perform tonight ahead of Brooks. Ned spoke of he and his Dad's relationship with the festival of Cheyenne Frontier Days. Ned says:

Cheyenne to me is like the Grand Ole Opry of the West. It’s the biggest thing we have in Wyoming...I’m having Garth help out and the whole family will be here. I’m sure that my Dad will be looking down with a big old grin on his face.

Thanks to Rolling Stone for putting together a very solid tribute to Wyoming's legendary forever true cowboy, Chris LeDoux.

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