Apparently money can buy you happiness and science has determined the amount you need.

Many say that money cannot buy you happiness. False! I believe that happiness, which is temporary, can be bought through material things. If you want to talk about everlasting joy then no, money cannot buy that. Even science agrees that money contributes to happiness.

But how much do we need?

It may not be as much as you think. After measuring data from a Gallup World Poll, which surveyed about two million people in 164 countries, psychologist Andrew T. Jebb thinks he has determined the dollar amount. He looked at many things that contribute to happiness, including "income satiation."

With that he found that $60,000 to $75,000 is the sweet spot.

Most people said that income amounts within that range had a more positive emotional well-being. This means that they can honestly say they are happy on a day-to-day basis. Keep in mind that this dollar amount is for individuals. When it comes to couples or families, this number was higher.

As for overall life satisfaction, most people said $95,000 was their sweet spot. This number varied across the globe. Some amounts were higher and others were lower. Like Australia said $125,000 gave them income satiation, but Latin America said they only needed $35,000.

How much do you need?

Source: Science Alert

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