You see a lot of strange things in Sturgis. Like the dog, cat, chicken tower on the main drag sometimes. That's right, it's a dog with a cat on its back, and on top of the cat's back is a chicken. They would just stand there. That's all. And people would take their picture and marvel.

There was the year that billionaire Malcolm Forbes made a big splash at the rally.

A lot of celebs, a lot of people from doctors and lawyers, to plumbers, law enforcement, and outlaws make the Sturgis Rally their home for a week (or more) every August.

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Now comes word from the South Dakota Highway patrol that they have picked up two guys claiming to be on what they say is "a mission from God"! Apparently, they're trying to save the Catholic orphanage they were raised in from a foreclosure order.

They are identifying themselves as "Joliet" Jake and Elwood Blues, or The Blues Brothers.

They're pretty sure they can raise the money they need by getting their old band back together, but things have not been going very well. And now, to top it all off, they've been pulled over by the South Dakota Highway Patrol while hunting for old band members at the Sturgis Rally!

They had just made a quick stop for fried chickens and white toast and had gotten back on the road when they were detained

Since the SDHP officer was a big fan, he simply gave them a warning to have a good trip, and don't destroy any malls or steal any windshield wipers.

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