The annual pilgrimage to South Dakota is happening. The pandemic made last year's Sturgis Rally difficult for some. But, the party continued despite the risk. Thankfully, this year we have the vaccine and things getting somewhat back to normal. That means this year's Sturgis Rally is going to be bigger than ever. As riders take to the open road, there are plenty of "must see" stops in Montana. It is wise for riders to stop every so often and take in the local vibes of communities across the state. Checking out some of Montana's state parks. Or quenching your thirst at some of the many "watering holes" along the way.

Speaking of "watering holes." When you reach Rapid City, South Dakota, be on the look out for a roadside lemonade stand. A young man from the area is giving away free lemonade to all weary travelers on their way to Sturgis.

According to a Facebook post from Derek Swain

If you are traveling between Rapid City and Sturgis on your bike, stop by the Tilford road exit!! There is a motorcycle loving little boy who is giving away free lemonade and water to any and every one. Please stop by and give him a huge thank you and show off your rides!!! The lemonade is DELICIOUS!!!! Also, tip the damn kid, it's hot out, and he's gonna need to start saving now for that Harley..

** update from this young man's dad. He will be donating 30% of his tips to St Judes, 50% goes to his college fund. He's helping a family friend accomplish a $5000 goal for St Judes this year. Get out there and support a kid doing some good in this world. He's out there at noon everyday. 3/4 of a mile down Sturgis Rd from the Tilford Exit on I90.**

How generous of this young kid to raise money for other kids in need, as well as his college education? Even if you are not making the trip to Sturgis, you can still donate. His Dad set up a Venmo account for supporters to donate from wherever they may be.



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