Seattle’s new NHL team just became the most metal franchise in the league, naming their city’s newly-formed team the Kraken. The monstrous moniker was inspired by the legendary sea monster which haunted the superstitious minds of sailers for centuries.

The Kraken’s new logo features “The Eye of the Beast,” adding a strike of red to the sea blue S. “If you’ve seen it, it’s already too late,” an official description reads. “The eye of the Kraken has been affixed on its prey for some time. Its strike will be swift and devastating. Its opposition overwhelmed and unwary. It will all be over soon.”

Seattle Kraken
Seattle Kraken

Designer Matty Merrill explains, “We had to make sure it wasn't a cartoon character or something silly. Also, it's the tradition of the sea; you don't mess around in the sea. If you mess around in the ocean, you get sucked in, and you die. It commands some seriousness, which we knew we had to hit."

"We wanted to represent the Kraken somehow," Merrill adds. "Red represents danger; red represents threat. It was the perfect accent throughout." [via ESPN]

Scholars believe the idea of the Kraken, a gigantic octopus-like creature big enough to rip apart a ship, came from early discoveries of the giant squid.

The Kraken has famously been adapted for Clash of the Titans and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean films. Liam Neeson’s call to “release the Kraken” from Clash of the Titans has gone down as an iconic line in film history.

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