Ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, different states have implemented different regulations in order to reduce the spread, and some have eased up on these limitations recently. Sebastian Bach has given his opinion on musicians playing concerts during these times, stating that such artists don't care if their fans live or die.

"Any 'musicians' putting on rock n' roll shows in the United States of America at this time care only about taking your money and do not give one single shit if you live or die," he asserted in a tweet that is currently pinned to the top of his profile.

After receiving praise from another Twitter user for his "willingness to speak up so clearly in these troubling times," the singer replied, "My fans mean everything to me they have given me an incredible life. I will protect my fans. My fans actually mean more to me than money does."

On the other hand, Chris Jericho spoke on the subject over the weekend as well on his "Saturday Night Special" web show. He defended Fozzy's decision to play live shows over the last several days in South Dakota, North Dakota and Iowa.

"The reason why the shows are happening, have happened — we did two already, and we’ve got our third one tonight — is because these states of North Dakota and South Dakota have low COVID cases," Jericho explained. "Less than a thousand in both states. I think Florida had, like, nine thousand today alone. The venues are kind of either outside or they’re half capacity."

"We hand out masks at the door, there are temperature checks — all that sort of stuff. We basically just stay on the bus all day. Everyone in the Fozzy camp — crew and band — has been tested," he added.

Listen to the full episode below.

The two musicians recently had a public dispute on Twitter recently over the use of vocal tracks during live shows. When we spoke to Jericho for his recent cover of Iron Maiden's "Aces High," he said of the matter, "I really don’t know if we’re friends anymore, but I wish nothing but the best for him and that’s basically all I want to say."

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