If you look hard enough, there's a very hungry grizzly in this video. Spoiler alert: it's not that hard to find him at all eventually. Another spoiler alert: no elk were harmed in the making of this video.

This isn't a brand new video, but was captured at Yellowstone a couple years ago. It's a group in the Hayden Valley who spotted a bear who had located a huge herd of elk. It's easy to see him at the beginning, but eventually he'll go completely stealth leaving the elk herd to wonder where he's at.

Deby Dixon who shared the original video mentioned that this happened at a time when elk calves are very young which inspires the bears to hunt even harder hoping to find one of the young ones in the tall grass.

Even though the bear disappeared beneath the hill, there's no doubt that the elk herd never took their eyes off of him. Once he's about to crest it, they bolt and seek safety elsewhere.

Grizzlies aren't subtle or stealthy when they're hunting. The fact that there happened to be some tall grass for the bear to approach this elk herd was likely just a fortunate coincidence for him even though the elk got away this time.

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