“Want To Watch The Eclipse With Sasquatch? There’s A Map For That.”

- the Huffington Post, for an article about Joshua Stevens Tweet about Sunsquatch, a convenient map to show an overlay of the path of totality for the eclipse and the sightings of Sasquatch within that path.


Wyoming is one of the best places in the world to watch the total solar eclipse on August 21st, but you should know that being in the shadow of the sun will not last long. Seeing the eclipse in totality means you will be inside the 66.2 mile wide shadow of the moon, which will be moving from west northwest to east southeast at 1,841 miles per hour. That means that the total eclipse will only last about 2 minutes and 26 seconds.

This impressive celestial display combining the sun, the moon and the earth, will be done in about the time it takes to buy a cup of coffee at the Kum N Go. And then what?

You can find maps online for the best places to see the eclipse, but now people are mixing them with other maps for those who need to do two things or more at once.

Joshua Stevens combined an eclipse map with where the most Sasquatch sightings occur within the path of totality.  Sunsquatch lets you watch the eclipse and find Bigfoot at the same time.

There are other maps combining UFO sightings or where you can watch from a Waffle House. (Keep an eye out for Kid Rock.)

We are a nation of multi-taskers who need constant input because watching heavenly bodies in space go into perfect alignment… just isn’t enough.

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