Are young people in Wyoming prude? The recently released Sex in America study suggests that they might be, but only when they're indoors.

The survey, conducted by Skyn Condoms and Maxim Magazine, says Wyoming millennials have the 32nd most active sex lives in America.

According to their findings, the average millennial in the Cowboy State has 2.9 'intimate encounters' per week, slightly below the national average.

Interestingly, young people in Wyoming are more likely to 'get it on' outdoors than any other state in the country.

Here's a few fun facts about the sex lives of our neighbors. Millennials in South Dakota were the most likely to hook up with a teacher. Over 20% of sexually active young adults in Utah lost their virginity at the age of 21 or older.

Nearly half of millennials in Kansas have done the deed in a pool or hot tub. Those home wrecking Colorado millennials are the most likely to engage in an affair with a married person.

For a state-by-state comparison of the Sex in America survey, include the preferred 'position' among young people in Wyoming, click here.



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