Right out the gate, I'm going to make sure I say this, Millennials are turning 40 soon. They aren't the Tide Pod eating kids. If you don't want Millennial business owners, then there wont be new businesses coming in. Ok. that's done. The website Zippia researched the best states in the country to for Millennial business owners. This is kind of an interesting piece of data, as I mentioned earlier, Millennials are finally getting toward a position where they can be business owners, and this data is pretty good information.

Here's how they determined the rankings.

We ranked each state in five areas:

  • LLC Filing Fee
  • LLC Annual Fee
  • Corporate Tax Rank
  • Percent Of Millennials With Bachelor’s Degree
  • Average Student Loan Debt

First, using data from LLC University we examined the most basic, financial costs of opening a business- LLC filing fee and the annual LLC fees. On average the annual LLC fee is $91. However, the fee is steeper in some states, and cheaper in others.

Via Zippia
Via Zippia

Taking a look at the map, the Cowboy State comes in at Number 7. That's pretty awesome. Montana came in at number 5 and our noisy neighbors to the south in Colorado came in at number 2. Here's what they had to say about Wyoming.

The seventh-best state for millennial business owners is Wyoming. The best part of being a millennial here is that the average student loan debt is only $26,374. That’s the lowest in the nation!

A lot of pride we have in Wyoming has to do with how we handle business, this clearly shows we're one of the best at making sure there is business here in the Cowboy State.

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