Highlights of the Friday, April 27th boys soccer game, between #2 Central at #1 Sheridan.

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The Broncs would control the ball for most of the match, and avenge an earlier season loss to the Indians.

That fan had some guts sitting out there. Everyone else sat on the other side of the field where they were shielded from the wind.

Number 2 Central at Number 1 Sheridan…first half…Sheridan wearing the yellow…Hunter Reece with a penalty kick early on and I think he learned his lesson from last week. This time he went looking for the top shelf and found it, to give the Broncs a 1-nothing lead.

The defending state champs did a great job going against the wind, and had some great set ups…but guys like Riley Ryan overdid it on the finish. The wind was not that strong.

Here’s another example…Jake Moore is on a break-away…all he had to do was take the high road against the goalie…but again…too much on the finish. Imagine if they had the wind going with them…that ball would’ve ended up in Montana.

Sheridan would settle down after that and try a new approach…which included some team-work…this time Moore sends the ball to other side where Ryan was waiting on it..and the net was wide open. A soft touch was all that was needed. The home team would take a 2-zip advantage going into halftime.

2nd half…the Broncs would press on…Moore takes one off of his face, but that did not bother him and the senior is off to the races…only one thing is in his way and that’s James Segrave who ended up doing just enough to make sure that the shot went wide. You don’t always have to save it…just make sure the ball does not go in.

The senior for the Indians had his work cut out for him all game long, but at times he had some magnificent saves. There’s one…but he’s not out of the woods yet. Now that one…was about as close as you can get, Great recovery by Segrave, although he could not stop them all.

The home team  would dominate most of this game. Reece with some good ball movement and an even better assist to Patrick McClurg who will finish the job. Sheridan was out to avenge a loss to Central from 1 month ago, and things were looking pretty good with a 3-zero advantage.

And here comes more…and I do mean Moore who has had just about enough of getting foiled by Segrave…consider the score settled. As for Central…we like to show something, but they had a hard time getting anything going and ended up on the wrong end of a Sheridan stomping…4-nil.