LARAMIE -- Play along here for a second.

Let's say Air Force finds a way to knock off Boise State Saturday evening in Colorado Springs and the Cowboys take care of business against visiting Utah State.

That would vault Wyoming to the top of the Mountain Division standings, tied with the Broncos at 3-1 in league play. Not to put the cart in front of the horse too much here, but those two meet Nov. 19 in Laramie.

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Yes, I know, a lot can happen between then and now. Craig Bohl's team needs to win on the islands and claim the Bronze Boot two weeks later. If you look at the standings, those two teams are a combined 3-10 at the moment.



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But we all know winning in Hawaii and at Fort Collins are not easy trips.

OK, so now you're either dreaming about the possibilities or pissed off at me for bringing it up. Either way, thanks for reading.


Here's this week's matchups and betting odds:

Utah State (+4.5) at Wyoming

UNLV (+25.5) at Notre Dame

Hawaii (+4.5) at CSU

San Jose State (-21.5) at New Mexico State

Fresno State (-10.5) at New Mexico

Boise State (+3) at Air Force

Syracuse (+13.5) at Clemson

Texas (-6.5) at Oklahoma State

UCLA (+6) at Oregon

Mississippi State (+21) at Alabama

Ole Miss (+2) at LSU

Kansas State (+3.5) at TCU


Here are last week's records:

Jared: 8-4

Mad Dog: 7-5

DJ: 6-6

Mat: 6-6

Doug: 5-7

Jen: 5-7

Cody: 5-7

Matt Wildt: 4-8


Here are the up-to-date season records for the weekly panel:

Jared: 50-20

Mat: 50-20

DJ: 50-20

Doug: 48-22

Jen: 46-24

Cody: 45-25

Here's our best bet this week and a big thanks to former Wyoming football players Ross Crum and Aaron Frude for joining us:

Jen Kost graphic
Jen Kost graphic

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