The Sinclair Oil Corporation wants the owner of a gas station in Calfornia to remove a politically charged sign that has offended some customers.

"Heaven has walls, gates, and a strict immigration policy," reads the sign outside of a Sinclair station in Fresno, Calif.

A Sinclair spokesperson claims the controversial message doesn't represent the corporation.

"Every Sinclair oil station is independently owned and operated, however, because the sign in Fresno has been deemed offensive, we have encouraged its removal," the company said in a press release.

Sinclair has been incorporated in Wyoming since 1976 and has been tied to the Cowboy State for nearly a century. Sinclair also owns the Little America Hotel and Resort which was founded in Wyoming and has two locations on Interstate 80 in Cheyenne and the town of Littel America, between Evanston and Rock Springs.

The corporation also oversees the Sinclair Trucking Company which operates two Wyoming distribution hubs and is the namesake for the town of Sinclair in Carbon County.


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