While Colorado and New Mexico battle for green chili bragging rights on billboards, there's a little place off Interstate 80 in Wyoming that can give Hatch and Pueblo a run for their money any day.

If you've been there, you know. Su Casa in Sinclair, Wyo. may have the best green chili in the world.

The journey began in 1950 when John Maes moved to Rawlins from his native New Mexico and got a job at a coal mine. John's co-workers smelled the incredible aroma from his lunches and asked his wife Naomi to cook for them. After they moved to Sinclair, Naomi opened a food cart outside the refinery and a business was born. In 1989, they opened Su Casa, which quickly became the most popular (and only) restaurant in the tiny town with just over 400 residents.

Then something unexpected happened. As travelers along Interstate 80 discovered Su Casa, word spread and the restaurant developed a cult following from truckers, who raved about the authentic cuisine on CB radios and, later, on social media sites. Over the years, Su Casa became a local legend and three decades later, they're still serving their famous green chili smothered Navajo Tacos to visitors from around the world. In 2019, MSN hailed Su Casa among the best Mexican restaurants in the country.

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